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2016-2018 Church Planting Initiative

Assemblies of God from our inception has been and still is a church planting movement. We believe the planting of new churches is the biblical pattern and the most effective means of reaching all people groups. We have purposed in our hearts, and it is our vision, to plant new 40 places of worship in the Southern Missouri District, and to increase our efforts to resource church plants around the world. With our purpose and vision thrusting us forward we are undeniably pursuing the largest world church planting initiative in the history of our district. It is called Project R.E.A.C.H.

Through Project R.E.A.C.H. it is our goal to:

R – Recruit and resource church planters

E – Equip each church planter with equipment and partnership with churches.

A – Advance the District’s missional vision to reach the world for Christ

C- Create a culture of coaching to become the Aaron and Hur of church planters.

H – Healthy churches planted throughout our district that will be a presence and influencer in their community.

The Southern Missouri District has partnered with CityReach Network, Urban Islands, Convoy of Hope, Africa’s Hope, and Hope for the Islands. All five of these organizations have committed to investing time, resources and funds into recruiting leadership teams for each church plant.

Over the course of the next three years, many new churches will be planted locally and internationally. The launch began with 20 churches in St. Louis, 10 churches in Kansas City, 10 church in rural communities and 100 churches in Northern Cameroon.

In 2017,  the Southern Missouri District partnered with missionary families and the national church of Vanuatu to launch the Hope for the Islands church planting initiative. This planting initiative is to plant 25 new churches in 25 villages that are inhabited by people who have never heard the Gospel.

In 2018, the Southern Missouri District has partnered with six missionary families in Central Africa to plant 20 new churches in that vast and difficult region. We have committed to give $100,000 to help equip our missionaries and the national church in this great church planting thrust.

“This is not a District office project, this is OUR project. All of us together. As we do our part in seeing the vision of the God-given great goal accomplished, let’s partner together to do something outstanding to move the Kingdom forward in Southern Missouri and throughout the world.” said Don Miller, Superintendent of the Southern Missouri District.